Sharrow Vale Street Tree Legacy

Over the last two years there has been a trial between NESST and SCC/AMEY to increase the number of street trees in Sheffield.

Beyond the Nether Edge and Carterknowle area, this winter you may have noticed 11 new saplings planted along Sharrow Vale Rd and other surrounding roads; the first new trees in the area for decades! 

This was achieved by the wonderful efforts of some residents and businesses in the area who managed to raise over £8,250.  This year we would like to continue this amazing effort by planting another 10 saplings, if not more! 

This appeal is a joint venture between NESST and the Sharrow Vale Community Association (SVCA) who have existed in Sharrow Vale for over 20 years.  The SVCA aims to improve the Sharrow Vale and Hunter’s Bar area by keeping it clean and tidy but also to increase the area’s green credentials and to provide environmental and well-being benefits for all. 

Unfortunately, requiring AMEY to dig fresh tree pits, purchase suitable and approved saplings and planting them costs approximately £750 per tree.  Which is why we’ve launched this crowdfunder appeal. 

If you would like to see more street trees and support wildlife, cleaner air and improve well-being in Sharrow Vale and Hunter’s Bar, your contribution, no matter how big or small, will help make this happen and leave a legacy for generations to come.

To donate, either use the QR code or go to the Localgiving fundraiser

Whether we meet or don’t meet our appeal target will only affect how many trees we can afford to buy.  We will purchase as many saplings as possible.  You will see them being planted next planting season (November to March).  Any residual funds will be held over for next year’s sapling purchases or given to the NESST funds should we not wish to continue fundraising next year, though the SVCA has pledged to donate enough for at least one tree per year until reviewed!  We have set an end date for this appeal to be late summer but our order needs to be placed asap, so your swift contribution would help provide certainty that we can order the 10 we hope for this year.  

If you are particularly keen to see trees on your road and can rally your neighbours in support, then we are keen to work with you to make it happen.  If anyone would like to donate direct to the SVCA (thereby raising more funds as fees are not taken off our total) then please contact us for our bank details and to discuss things if you wish to. 

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