Nesst House Sparrow Initiative

House sparrows are in trouble! We have mapped sparrow colonies in our area and with the support of Magic Little Grants we are now offering nest boxes for sale and have advice and information about how people can help them

NESST S7 Swifts

A project to increase the habitat for swifts in the S7 area

Planting Additional Street Trees

A project which is set to increase the number of street trees by 37 in early 2022, with plans for more in 2023

Elms and Hairstreaks

NESST is proud to be playing our part in bringing back the elm to the UK. Importantly, the concentration of DED resistant elms will provide fantastic future habitat for the White Letter Hairstreak butterfly, which features in the NESST logo. 

Greening the Grey Streets

A project to have street trees with all their benefits in the canopy deprived area of Highfield and Lowfield. The Aviva WildIsles Crowdfunder generously matches a donation by £2 for every £1 donated as this is an environmental project in a disadvantaged neighbourhood. (now closed and 24 trees planted!)

Buckthorn for Brimstone

this initiative is closed for now