Greening The Grey Streets

Greening the Grey Streets Initiative

Since its inception, NESST has had a clear goal of extending street tree canopy cover into parts of the NESST area where there is little or none, particularly in more disadvantaged streets. In Highfield and Lowfield there are only 20 existing street trees in this whole area of around 0.3 square miles. There are few trees of any sort, either in gardens or public green space making it a canopy deprived area.

We have an ambitious plan to plant 70 trees by March 2024 in the Highfield and Lowfield area. The Aviva Community Fund Crowdfunder backed by the Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund (which finished on 5th September) was very successful in raising £23,837 with 170 supporters in 42 days. We are very grateful to all who donated and to the generous match funding. This result will fund 24 street trees.

We are awaiting the outcome of a much larger bid to the Urban Tree Challenge Fund for the majority of the hoped for 70 trees, which if successful will bring about a green transformation to grey streets.

This map shows where the potential new street trees would go