Planting Additional Street Trees

The new Sheffield Street Tree Strategy was created in 2020, and includes a new process that allows residents and community groups to fund the purchase additional street trees. In autumn 2020, Paul Selby walked each and every one of the 340 streets in the NESST geographic area, and identified 3655 potential additional locations for street trees, on these streets. 

During 2021, Paul worked with local residents to raise over £17,000 through a variety of funding sources, to fund the planting of 37 street trees. Importantly, many of these are on roads without any current street trees, and spread the street tree canopy cover outside of traditional “leafy Nether Edge.” You can see the 37 locations on the map below, with green coloured trees. Note that there are a further 19 purple coloured trees on the map, which are trees felled between 2008 and 2012, which Amey had an obligation to re-plant, but had forgotten to, until we prompted Amey. These will also be planted in early 2022. 

In early 2022, these 37 trees will be planted by Amey, and will increase the number of trees in the NESST area by 1.7%, the first increase in over 40 years, after years of inexorable decline.

Work is underway to fund further street tree planting in early 2023. The crowdfunder ( remains open to donations and can be found here : Planting Additional Street Trees in the NESST area

The map shows all the locations of the additional street tree planting that will be occurring in January and February 2022 in the NESST area and also the locations on Abbeydale Road, as part of the Abbeydale Street Trees campaign.

Street tree planting locations 2022: Green – new trees. Purple – new trees to replace felled trees. Red – new trees for Abbeydale Road.