Planting Additional Street Trees

The new Sheffield Street Tree Strategy was created in 2020, and includes a new process that allows residents and community groups to fund the purchase additional street trees. 
More detail can be heard in this You Tube video: Planting Additional Street Trees in Sheffield – YouTube 
In autumn 2020, Paul Selby walked each and every one of the 340 streets in the NESST geographic area, and identified 3600 potential additional locations for street trees, on these streets. 
In early 2021, nine of these locations will have additional street trees planted, utilising the remaining funds raised by our predecessor organisation, Save Nether Edge Trees (SNET). 
In spring 2021, Paul and others will launch a larger campaign to fund many more additional street trees, so look out for more news soon. 
In the meantime, if you want further detail, or you want to work with Paul on this additional street tree planting campaign, contact Paul at

There is also a crowdfunder ( : Planting Additional Street Trees in the NESST area