The Brimstone Buckthorn Initiative

Brimstone Butterflies lay their eggs on Buckthorn or Alder Buckthorn, and are known to sniff out a Buckthorn bush from over five miles away. Sheffield currently has a very low population of Brimstone butterflies, partly because of the lack of Buckthorn bushes in the area.

The initiative to grow more Buckthorn in our area was inspired by Julian Dowding, who lives in East Suffolk, and who has done much to protect and increase butterfly populations of various species, over the last 20 years. More detail about the East Suffolk initiative is in this pdf.

From a call out to NESST members in March 2021, 28 people were willing to plant these bushes and 180 plants were ordered for planting this season. So from roughly five years time, these will truly increase the larval host plant habitat for the Brimstone.

Kenwood Community Garden

The group, which started in March 2020, run a thriving community garden on the site of the former kitchen garden in the grounds of Kenwood Hall Hotel, growing fruit and vegetables which they regularly donate to Food Works in Sharrow for their market boxes and delicious cooked meals. Community gardens provide huge benefits to communities, with the sustainable, local production of food being just the start. They can help create a healthier environment, protect green spaces, improve biodiversity and support wildlife, alongside providing opportunities to improve the well-being of local residents.

All volunteers are welcome, for more information see the NENG (Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group) website and the Kenwood Community Garden facebook page.