We aim to enhance our green spaces, increase the biodiversity of our area, and combat the effects of the climate crisis.

NESST has grown out of SNET (Save Nether Edge Trees), a group that came together as a community to protect our lovely street trees from felling. We found common interest in our passion for the environment and sustainability more generally. For more about the origins of the group, see here.

The NESST vision is to continue to harness that energy and the ideas, with the aim of:

• Maintaining and improving the suburban environment in Nether Edge and Sharrow;
• Maintaining and increasing the volume and variety of wildlife habitat in the area;
• Increasing awareness of the special wildlife in our area;
• Creating opportunities for likeminded members of the community to come together, both working together to achieve aspects of the vision, and to socialise/network;
• Doing our best locally to contribute to combatting the current climate emergency
• Thinking globally, acting locally

SNET put on talks, presentations and film nights with the main goal of fundraising for the street tree campaign, but they were an opportunity to share ideas, and foster friendship too. After a successful settlement of the trees dispute many felt it would be a shame if SNET closed its doors and a common community endeavour was proposed that would continue as a group with wider environmental and sustainable goals and projects.

Structure of the organisation

The first NESST Annual General Meeting was held in November 2021 and the meeting adopted our Constitution, downloadable as a PDF.

AGM slides are viewable as PDFs on the Resources page

Elected Committee Members are:

  • Chairperson: Paul Selby.
  • Secretary: Helen Kemp.
  • Treasurer: Jo Millett.
The area that NESST covers:

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