Street Tree Wardens

The new Sheffield Street Tree Strategy was created in 2020, as part of a fresh approach from Sheffield Council to street trees. It was drafted in partnership with their contractor Amey, local street tree campaigners, and external experts from the Woodland Trust, Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, academics, and other exemplar local councils. 
As part of the strategy, and to drive further community involvement, a network of volunteer Street Tree Wardens has been recruited across the city. Around five cover the trees in the NESST area. 
Their primary role is to keep an eye out for issues with street trees in their local patch, reporting any issues to Amey. They also have a secondary role, in the long term, of increasing wider community involvement and interest in street trees, including promoting additional planting.
For more information about local Street Tree Wardens, feel free to contact Paul Selby at